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Dear You

Dear you -my husband to be-, We were both too busy about our wedding preparation lately. This fussing marriage things took all my mind and it changed a few things. Sometimes you asked me where did I put my attention which I used to give you. I apologize for it. But you know deep down … Continue reading

Miss You Like Hell!

April, 7th 2011 You said “We will not see each other for almost three weeks.” “Okay, I can handle it. We always meet by phone, we are just seeing each other once a week . So what will be changed?”, I answered. Then we dated by cell phone as we used to be, but it … Continue reading


Hey! 🙂 My new ideal comfortable shoes. The shoes which I have been dreaming of for about 1.460 days. The shoes that I wished to seize for the first time I saw. The equalities we have makes me convenience while wearing you. We walked when cloudy, rainfall, hurricane but most when sunny. Whatever the weather, … Continue reading

Good Bye!

You, my old flat cute  shoes. The shoes which have been my favorite for the last 8 years. The shoes which haunted me in life and dreams. We had passed many moments; good and bad times. I wore you when I laughed, but  most when I cried. After all those years, I have to thank … Continue reading


……. Then you asked, “What am I?”. “You are opium. You seduce me with your mind. You make me smile with your jest. To be with you, I am sated. When I am not with you, I am hunger for more.”, I answered. “Do you love me?”, You seemed curious. I said, “I do not … Continue reading

He is

He is a man. He is a fellow. He is a best friend. He is a boyfriend. He is a big brother. He is a rival. He is a guru. He is a twin. He is a mirror. He is a diary. He is a hope. He is a future. He is a dream came … Continue reading


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